In the long term living a life which is in tune with your values, doing work you’re passionate about and surrounding yourself with inspiring people will help increase your happiness. But in the short term it’s about doing small things to please yourself, choosing activities that raise your happiness levels slowly but surely then keeping them there by repeating the process regularly.

Here’s the most important stuff you need to do to live in the moment and feel happier every day.

Comfortable in Your Own Skin
Feeling GREAT is to be comfortable with who you are. You don't have to look like a model to feel great and invariably, the one day you leave the house in the worst possible condition – is the day you will run into a client, your bosses boss, an old flame. So when you walk out the door – be content that if you see that person, you can SMILE and say HELLO!!!

Do Good
 Do good for people, there are always opportunities, give a homeless person a goody bag (resource attached), open the doors for someone, leave an extra good tip for your lunch server, or have an open mind when you're listening to a friends' problems.
Don't be afraid. Have confidence  and try to do something new. Maybe you want to be an author, better to try and fail – then sit in misery and wondering what if. To feel GREAT you're going to have to try for some things, maybe even out of your comfort level.
Consider adopting a pet from your local SPCA chapter. Sometimes to love, you need to be loved back.

Simplicity Can Help
How is your life? Is it relatively simple or complicated? Is it stressed – or mostly relaxed? Is it balanced – or somewhat unbalanced? Do you feel "overwhelmed" – or largely in control? Are you productive – or unacceptably inefficient?

It's obvious that the world is fundamentally complex and difficult. And it's getting more so all the time. Even in the best of times, there are many challenges, problems, and traumas to handle on a regular basis. And many times we do things that make our lives even more complicated.This "complicating" process we create for ourselves causes stress, anxiety, and frustration. So, one way to make ourselves happier – and to Be Happy! overall – is to simplify our lives.  Establish your priorities, organize them, and give your self time to rejuvenate.

Time is Your Friend
When you feel GREAT you're generally not rushed. You've got some time for unexpected stops, changes in your schedule, a last minute lunch. Don't schedule your time to where there is nothing left.
Wake up slowly – don't set that clock for your last minute you need for maximum sleep. Give yourself 10 minutes to wake up to music, get prepared for the day. When you're tired, rest. Soak in a hot bath, get a pedicure, go golfing, or do something relaxing. Everyone needs downtime.

Commit to Feel Great
If you're going to feel great you need to determine what it will take to make you feel GREAT.  Consider yourself in the equation, and what you are doing to keep you from feeling GREAT at this time. Make time for you, make sure you are not stretched too thin, and look towards feeling GREAT, find creative ways to live the life you've dreamed of.  Feeling GREAT has a lot to do with how happy you are. Find out if there is anything keeping you from being happy and address it.

Meditation has proven to help with mood and happiness.  Also, gratitude. Be grateful for life and Choose to be happy every day!

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