reading is a great brain exercise

reading is a great brain exercise

Reading has been noted as one of the all time best brain exercises throughout history.  But what do the experts have to say about reading and brain exercise?


Dr. Seema Joshi, internist and geriatrician with Trinity in Bettendorf says, “Studies show over and over again there’s just no substitute to brain exercise”.  In addition, “I tell my patients to do their usual things in unusual ways,” she said, noting that brain exercises can be as simple as taking different routes to work or more complicated, such as learning a foreign language.“We have to make the brain feel awkward and uncomfortable, then we engage it and make it learn,” she added. “That’s a basic brain exercise.”

Reading has no comparison

Reading is one of the best brain exercises available, Joshi said. “There’s really no replacement for it,” she added. Studies show that the amount of reading you have done over the years is the biggest predictor of cognitive decline.

“If you are a voracious reader, that indicates how you will be in later years,” the doctor said. The benefits of reading as related to the brain seem to stem  from how reading sparks imagination and forces the brain to develop images to match the written word.

Consider your brain a muscle, and find opportunities to flex it. "Read, read, read," says Dr. Amir Soas of Case Western Reserve University Medical School in Cleveland.  You can do crossword puzzles, play Scrabble,  start a new hobby or even learn to speak a foreign language. "Anything that stimulates the brain to think." Also, watch less television, because "your brain goes into neutral," he said.


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