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Female Pattern Baldness and the Hair Transplants

The hair loss problem in women is a common likewise men and shows the effect of pattern baldness in terms of presenting the baldness grade with a different pattern. Study based on hair loss problem stated by hair transplant market in 2018 revealed this fact that both men and women experience the hair loss or baldness issue, but it is more common in men rather than women. As a matter of fact, the genetically caused hair loss or baldness issue occurs in men with 60% ratio, whereas 40% of the women experience the hair loss problem. The hair transplant is a most demanding cosmetic surgery all over the world and the attention of people, mostly influenced towards the budget-cost decision rather than the location target. The hair transplant in New Zealand is also a demanding option that influenced patients to receive the procedure as a final option in this destination, but India has bloomed future with offering the budget-cost procedure by the expert hand of the surgeon. As far as the cost is concerned, the hair transplant cost in New Zealand offers the costly procedure and thus patients from New Zealand also taken an interest to receive the procedure in India.

The Hair Loss issue on Women:

The hair loss or baldness issue in women mostly occurs due to a thyroid problem and the combined effect of genes and hormone presents the pattern baldness in women as well. The hair transplant in women is a subjective matter that introspect the situation with the concern of a Ludwig pattern of hair loss. The female pattern of baldness is rated on the Ludwig scale that has 3 major categories to decide the extent of loss in terms of receiving the pattern baldness. The other factors cause the loss in women includes factors like water pollution, wrong lifestyle, unhealthy diet, smoking or drinking behaviour, etc. However, it is an important concern in the procedure to receive the primary consultation with your surgeon to know the status of hair loss and the feasible solution accordingly.

What Defines Hair Loss/Baldness in Women?

The hair loss in women is defined by the process of hair thinning that occurs gradually, but randomly affects the areas, especially on the crown and mid-crown areas of the scalp. A different grade for a female pattern of baldness is rated on the Ludwig scale that clearly explains the pattern of hair loss with respect to the extent and the needed treatment and thus it is advisable to go through the first evaluation check-up with your surgeon.

Following is the Ludwig scale explanation:

  1. Ludwig –I: This states the female pattern hair loss by showing the perceptible thinning of hair on the crown areas and the limited in the front by a line situated behind the frontal hairline.
  2. Ludwig –II: It is an extension of Ludwig grade-I with pronounced rarefaction of the hair on the crown areas and an extreme thinning of hair occurs at the same areas of the scalp.
  3. Ludwig –III: The extreme hair thinning at the crown and mid-crown areas of the scalp are visible in this grade and a wider gap between the partitions characterized this grade of female pattern baldness. 

The causes of baldness Apart from the Genetic issue are discussed below:

  1. Thyroid Problem: The thyroid problem is one of the big issues in presenting the hair loss problem in women. Whether the issue is hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism it causes severe hair loss in females. The excessive thinning issue is also common characteristics of the thyroid issue that may be corrected by regularizing the medicines. But, the effect is persisted till the use of medications and reverses with the same pace of loss when it is stopped to use. However, it is advisable to take medicines for a lifetime if you are affected by the thyroid issue.
  2. An unhealthy Lifestyle: An unhealthy lifestyle is defined by a wrong food habit, lack of essential proteins, vitamins and minerals that causes a deficiency of such important building-block substance in our body and hair loss occurs predominantly. An unhealthy lifestyle also includes the lack of physical activities, a sedentary lifestyle and skip of breakfast in our daily schedule that plays as a factor causing the hair loss issue.
  3. Smoking & Alcoholic behaviour: It has also a key role in presenting the issue of hair loss problem. The smoking and alcoholic behaviour induce the hair loss issue and heightened the shedding process if you are already affected by the Androgenic alopecia. The hair loss issue is highly accelerated by cigarette and alcoholic drinks. 


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant is a widely accepted cosmetic treatment to sort out the issue of genetic baldness for both men and women. The hair loss issue shows the different pattern of hair loss rated on the Norwood scale in men, whereas the Ludwig scale is used to measure the baldness in women.

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