How Muscle Testing Works

Different studies have shown the power of our subconscious minds. The subconscious mind is like a computer that records everything happening in your life. Through surveys, scientists believe that the subconscious knows what is happening to us and how to heal from it.

But how do you communicate with the subconscious? Simple, through muscle testing.

Your body has a surrounding electrical network known as the grid. The grid consists of pure energy. Because energy runs through muscles in your body, if anything that doesn’t enhance your body balance strikes your electrical system, the muscles will short circuit. Things that might impact your electrical system are food, emotions, and other substances.

Using your bodies and muscles, you can determine the emotions or events that weaken or strengthen your body. The process is known as muscle testing or kinesiology. So, do you know how muscle testing works? Well, it’s a clear way of asking your body questions and getting replies from your subconscious mind.

The good thing, you can try some muscle testing techniques yourself. Even though people pick this trend quickly, it’ll take time to be consistent and accurate. Learn it, and you’ll get a new method to communicate with your body.

How to Use Muscle Testing

You can use muscle testing to heal various conditions, like emotional healing. Here, you’ll use your body muscles to identify the cause of your emotional issues.

Because your subconscious has all the information, an expert can ask a yes or no question and watch how your electrical system reacts. If the expert asks a factual issue, the electrical system will continue to flow in an active circuit. Your muscles will, therefore, be able to retain their strength.

If the expert makes an untrue statement, your electrical system will short circuit. The muscles will quickly lock up or weaken.

If you want to get congruence between your body and subconscious mind, you can use some questions. With these, you’ll get the emotional aspects that you should address. Some of these questions may include.

  • Is there a specific event in my past that’s contributing to this issue?
  • Do I believe that I’m not deserving of being healthy?
  • Will clearing a specific emotional event in my life benefit my health?

If your muscles remain strong, that’s a “yes” response. If not, that’s a sign that your body doesn’t agree with something. The process is fascinating and the cues obtained can be invaluable to your healing process.

Does Muscle Testing Work?

If you do it correctly, muscle testing works. Here are the reasons.

Your body utilizes an Automatic Control System to manage and control all functions necessary to keep alive and healthy. There are over 50 trillion cells in your body that the system controls. It knows everything that’s taking place in your body. However, the information is unconscious to us. But you can access this information through the use of yes or no questions.

Muscle testing works due to a principle of quantum physics known as Quantum Entanglement. At the unconscious level, you know everything I know, and I know everything you know. With muscle testing, your body can communicate to your therapist, the supplements that work best for you.

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