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Pre-employment Hair Follicle Drug Test for Marijuana

Before you get a new job, the employers almost always will ask from you to do a drug test. In the past, the urine test was the most popular. Today, the follicle option is the most popular. Employers love it because it offers more than any other option.

With it, the lab practitioners can uncover drug use in the past 90 days. This means your smoking pot every day for the last couple of months will be shown in the results. You can’t allow this to happen because if you do, you won’t get the job. Here’s a little advice if you’re struggling with getting the job of your dreams – click here.

The employers don’t like a member in their team that is a regular marijuana smoker. They think that this affects your work. If they find out you’ve been smoking before, chances are big you’ll do it again. This will jeopardize their business.

On top of this, the follicle test is the best option for them because it’s clean and simple. There’s no need for special rooms and conditions. The practitioner only needs scissors and a chair. When they get a sample, they transport it safely to the lab where a special machine uncovers everything there is inside. When the results arrive, you’ll be negative or positive. Being positive means they found drug substances and you won’t get employed.

How to pass the test?

With all written above some might think that it’s impossible to pass. This is not true. There’s always a solution for everything in life. The solution here is called – detox shampoo.

Not every detox shampoo works, though. You need only the best. When you surf the internet, you’ll see that there is a ton of products all claiming to wash off the toxins from your head. Don’t trust them. Most of these products are made for beauty reasons.

They do get rid of toxins, that is not a lie. The problem is, not all of them can get you cleaned from the THC substances. Very little of them are meant for passing the test. Even those that say you’ll be able to pass, won’t do the job perfectly.

What you need is the only solution proven to work. It is called Aloe Rid Old Formula. This detox shampoo works using a special formula that can thoroughly get through the layers of the cuticle and reach inside the place where THC particles are. It is based on propylene glycol which is the main ingredient able to do this.

The best thing is this solution is completely safe, unlike other products. Everyone can use it daily without damaging their hair. Similar products are based on substances that do the opposite. They make sure the hair is damaged. This way the lab practitioners will have a harder time seeing what’s inside and you might get a negative result. If you want to know more about it please visit this website.

How to use this shampoo?

To get the best results, you’ll need a little more time. It’s best if you have 2 weeks before the testing. During this time you need to do everything the instruction manual says.

The most important issues are – stop smoking weed during the time you’re trying to recover your hair, and wash with the shampoo daily for two weeks straight. Another important thing is that you must do it up to 4 times a day for perfect results.

After 14 days, you can be sure that you’re cleaned. The narcotic particles tend to build up in the scalp where the root of the hair is formed. It takes around two weeks to get to the shaft. Once it’s out, it’s visible for the doctors.

If you stop smoking for 2 weeks, the new parts growing won’t be affected by the drug. The parts that are above the shaft will be cleaned by the shampoo. That makes you safe and relaxed knowing that you’ll pass.

What if you don’t have enough time?

If the test is less than 10 days ahead, you’ll need to do some alternative methods. The most popular option is called the Macujo method. This is a method that combines 4 or 5 other products in order to clean your hair faster and more thorough.

For this, you’ll need the Aloe Rid shampoo, vinegar, Clean and Clear solution, Tide detergent, and another fast cleaning detox shampoo. The last one is optional and a lot of people don’t use it.

First, you add the vinegar on your head and you make sure it’s deeply rubbed in the scalp. Then, you use the pink Clean and Clear solution. It is also supposed to be rubbed in deeply. The scalp must soak in these liquids. They’ll make it softer and smoother.

Leave them for 30 minutes on your head. After this time, wash off with the Aloe Rid. Everything must go so make sure you also get deep inside. Massage your scalp and make sure everything is washed completely.

Then, it’s time for the Tide detergent. Yes, this is pretty inconvenient and unconventional. It will damage your hair but it will get the job done. Wash off like it’s a normal shampoo, just be careful not to get it in your eyes as this is a strong chemical.

In the end, some people like to use other detox shampoos that work on a different method than the one we mentioned. These products create a window frame during which the drug substances are invisible. The solution damages your hair just enough to help everything else we talked about previously.


If you’ve been smoking and you need to do this, you can’t take any chances and pray for a miracle. Don’t hesitate to spend some money on these products if you really need the job. Be sure that getting a positive result will not get you in. So, follow these steps, pay attention to details, and you’ll be good to go.

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