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Why boiling water may not remove all the impurities present in water?

If you are staying an apartment, you would have observed that many people (families, as well as bachelors) make use of the ‘Water Cans’ for consuming drinking water. Seldom do they know that the water they are drinking might not be safe for their health as it may not be 100% pure or germ-free. Many times, the delivery boys break open the seal in front of you to give you an illusion that the water in the Water Can is not refilled, but it has come directly from the company that manufactures bottled drinking water.

You may opt to boil the water that is supplied by them, but boiling is only an alternative solution to reduce the hardness of water & remove a couple of impurities in it. Hence, it is not a 100% fool-proof solution. Having water with impurities over a prolonged period can adversely affect your health and you may get infected with water-borne diseases. You may ask – What is the alternative? Is the alternative better than boiling water and will it remove ‘all the impurities’ present in water?

The best option in today’s time is having a water purifier that does the job of water purification. RO (Reverse Osmosis)/UV (Ultra Violet)/UF (Ultra Filtration) water purifiers are some of the options available to the consumers and each of these purifiers have their own set of advantages. RO water purifier works on the Reverse Osmosis filtration technique where the incoming water & solvents are passed through a semi-permeable membrane. The primary job of the membrane is to block all the harmful solvents that are present in the water. These solvents are very bad for health and semi-permeable membrane does a classic job of blocking them.

Semi-permeable membranes used in Livpure Water purifier filter out most of the contaminants like chemicals, ions, pesticides, etc. that are present in the water. As you are aware water also contains salts hence, a process called ‘Desalination’ also takes place in the purification process. Desalination is the process of removal of an excess amount of salt in water. Most of the water purifiers, whether it is RO or UV or some other categories have multiple filtration stages where water gets purified at each stage and in the end, the consumer would get pure 100% germ-free drinking water. Some of the important stages in an RO water purifier are Pre-filtration, RO membrane, storage tank, post filters, drain line, UV or UF filtration (optional).

People who are looking for more reasonably priced options can choose water filters. Water filters are not so effective as compared to water purifiers hence we recommend that you always got for water purifiers when you think about water purification. Livpure have many options for water purifiers, both for home & office. You should always have a look at the storage capacity of the purifier and based on the feature list; decide on the type of water purifier.

Now that you are aware of the importance of water purifier and RO water purification technique, the next question would be ‘How do I purchase a Livpure purifier’? If you want to have a look & feel of the product, you can visit a nearby retailer who has the stock of water purifiers. You also have the flexibility to book online water purifier from the Livpure website. Before doing so, you can schedule a demo and then purchase the product online. The primary advantage of booking a purifier online is convenience and flexibility to choose the product from the comfort of your home.

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